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Who is the Vineyard?

1. Who is the Vineyard (and what do they believe and therefore practice)?

a. Started in 1997 in Yorba Linda California by John and Carol Wimber.

b. To day there is probably 4500 plus churches in over 90 different nations.

c. We are a church planting movement.

d. Planting of Churches started in the UK in 1987 and we currently have about 140 churches.

e. Our Governance is Episcopal.

f. Theologically we are conservative evangelical and our perspective would be the Kingdom of God.

g. Our early roots, combined with our calling, define who we are.

i. Hunger for God expressed by intimate worship

ii. Empowered and led by the Spirit

iii. Ruled by the scriptures

iv. Inspired by compassion

v. A grace community.

h. We are not

i. Anglicans, Baptists, Pentecostals, Methodists, Seeker Sensitive, Catholics, Faith Church, NFI, Pioneer, Abundant Life, Hill Songs, Free Church, TD Jakes followers, but we love them and respect them, we fully recognise that they are, as we are, a part of the Body of Christ. We have our distinctives and so do they. We will always seek to bless them but have no desire to lose our own uniqueness and calling.

2. We have a genetic code, which defines family likeness and is the basis of our multiplication and growth.

a. Your genes design how you develop and what you reproduce.

b. Security of leadership is to know who you are, and therefore you don’t become a clone of the latest trend or fashion but are true to your calling.

c. Our lives are as loose change in the pocket of God.

d. Vineyard genetic code

i. Clear accurate biblical teaching, teaching the main and plain things of scripture teach its books and how to apply the scriptures to life.

ii. Culture current worship, intimate in nature with room for the manifestation of gifts.

iii. Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Priesthood of all believers, everybody gets to play.

iv. Small groups are the basis of pastoring; the basis is committed community.

v. Emphasis on healing and signs and wonders

vi. Church planting at home and abroad

vii. Unity in the body of Christ the Church is dispenser of truth rather than the protector of truth.

viii. Evangelism

ix. Equipping the Saints

x. Ministry to the poor

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