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Becoming a Partner

We need to recognize the fact that this is His Church, not ours. We need to remember what belongs to whom, and who is placed above everything. The Church should be returned to its true Owner, so that always and in everything the initiative belongs only to Him. This thought is expressed in the confession by which we should live: "You are the Christ (Messiah), the Son of the living God." Jesus started it all, and He Himself wants to bring it all to completion. Even if you give Him a 50% chance, He can do great things. Do you doubt Him? Moreover, have you ever thought about the Church that He intended to create? We must become Jesus for this world, no more, but no less. The Bible provides a startling picture of what the Church should ultimately become. But I believe that at this time, Jesus is freeing both Himself and ourselves from the web of numerous plans, programs, rules, committees and dogmas. Many people were overjoyed and tired of the problems and crisis situations inherent in the systems that we ourselves create. Some have left the church altogether, while others are looking for a ghost church, hoping that there they will be able to experience "real" Christianity, and not receive new wounds. A balanced approach, as the existing contradictions in the Church show, lies in our duty, paradoxically, to actively participate and, at the same time, not to interfere. We absolutely need to become His partners because Jesus is building His Church with the help of “saved sinners” like you and me. We are all “living stones”, all together being built into a house in which God will live. Therefore, we need to learn from Him, be led by Him and work with Him in the process of building His Church. For a long time, we either hindered or resisted and interfered with the program of His building. For too long we have erected monuments to His movement. Sometimes we built the Church, believing that these were His plans, or that He Himself was building with us, but then we discovered that in fact we were carrying out our own plans and building our own kingdom. “If the Lord does not build the house, they labor in vain that build it” (Ps. 126: 1). If we do not allow Jesus to be the artist and builder of His house, He will not take part in its completion, and then you will have to answer. God is shaking everything more and more so that the result can be unshakable. We know that what has been said applies not only to the world with its economic and political system, but also, more importantly, to the Church, because the judgment will begin with the house of God (see Hebrews 12: 25-29, cf. 1 Pet. 4 : 17). Only the true manifestations of the Kingdom will be unshakable and indestructible, everything built on a rock named Jesus, and all living confirmation of our resemblance to Him. Everything else will collapse like a house of cards. Since we inherit an indestructible kingdom, we should be grateful to God and worship Him with fear and awe, because He really is a consuming fire. God is a jealous God. Idolatry, like anything done by our hands, will be set on fire (Deut 4:24).

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