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Being a Vineyard Friend

A Vineyard Friend agrees with our philosophy of service and draws from it, but, for some reason, does not want to join our family and take our name. Friends work with us in the affairs of the Kingdom. They share their lives with us, laugh with us and spend time with us. This happens very often during our conferences, which we have been holding for many years, as well as during other events during which fellowship with other churches and denominations takes place. This was also done through the ministry of renewing the Vineyard within the wider Church. John managed to make many friends! By recognizing the difference between family and friends, we can develop good relationships with many around us. Then it becomes easy to define their aspirations and expectations, and people feel free to choose according to their preferences. There is no need to pressure people or churches to “join” them to the Vineyard. In fact, John was saying, "Why do you have to join, you can get all our privileges anyway." He further added: "You do not need to declare your loyalty to us until God prompts you to do so, you do not even understand what obligations you are taking upon yourself!" These words refer to individuals who have become friends of the Vineyard but continue to attend their churches. This also applies to pastors and churches who become friends with the Vineyard to take advantage of all the good it has to offer. Everything that God gave to the Vineyard, like other churches and other treasures of the Kingdom, actually belongs only to Him, and can be available to all His Church. Well-informed people will agree that John has become an amazingly generous person over time. Not only did he provide unhindered access to the developments and materials of the Vineyard for everyone, but he simply gave out a lot to others.

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