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Characteristics of the Church

Some people look for a fairytale church because they are afraid of falling under the control of a church or an entire denomination and are afraid of experiencing new pain and resentment. The phantom (ghost) church (see sociological models below) is not a real church. It should be remembered that the reformers agreed with a biblical measure that defined the essence and qualities of the true church. There are five clearly presented biblical signs or characteristics of the true church of Jesus Christ. So, the church is a place:

  • where the born-again believers come together in the name of Jesus Christ for fellowship, worship, prayer, service and mission;

  • where the truths of the Word of God are preached;

  • where the care and education of believers is carried out correctly;

  • where the church sacraments of Christ are performed correctly (baptism and communion ";

  • where the universal Church is treated with respect and reverence

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