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Church Planting – Doing a plan for the first 18 months


During the first year or two of a church plant, there are some very clear priorities, and you should have a plan to demonstrate how you are going to execute those activities. Why, because once you get into the church planting mode you will not have time plan in detail.

Your primary objectives will be (there will of course be others):

1. A programme of gathering people and starting small groups – that is meeting and gathering of new people, and it will involve events, evangelism, and discipleship of new converts.

a. Key Phrase to memorise - (Gather gather gather)

2. Communicate the vision – be prepared to keep repeating yourself. People need to hear it at least four or five times before it takes root, then they are on the same page as you.

a. Key Phrase to memorise - (vision vision vision)

3. Develop Leaders - No church grows beyond its leaders and their ability to develop, themselves and new leaders. (IRTDMN)

a. Key phrase to memorise (Leaders leaders leaders)