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Developing Leaders - Jeremy Cook

1. IRTDMN - Jesus poured his life into developing a small group of disciples to become leaders. The

training was very practical and involved modeling, feedback and encouragement and instruction. Many

of these elements can be useful today in our task of raising up leaders and workers for the kingdom of

God. Let us try and unpack the main elements.

a. Identified

i. He identified those who were being drawn to him by the Father

John 1:38-39

38 Turning around, Jesus saw them following and asked, "What do you want?"

They said, "Rabbi" (which means Teacher), "where are you staying?" 39 "Come," he

replied, "and you will see."

ii. We must do the same today to those whom the Father is drawing, that is help them

to come to Jesus. Remember Jesus is the teacher, mentor and disciple-maker.

iii. We need to ask and pray and find out who we are to work on and start the process.

iv. What do we look for?

1. Come early, stay late.

2. Ask questions

3. Offer solutions

4. People are attracted to them, listen to them.

5. They are able to envision a future

6. Prompting of the Lord

v. QUESTION – Who is the Lord drawing and how do you proceed

b. Recruited

i. Gave asked them to do a task, explained how it fits in to the vision. He ignited and

called out the leadership in them.

ii. Vision releases leadership.

iii. He explained the need of the task.

c. Trained

i. Jesus trained but in a very practical way. He modeled it to his disciples.

Matt 4:23-25

23 Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues,

preaching the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and

sickness among the people. 24 News about him spread all over Syria, and

people brought to him all who were ill with various diseases, those

suffering severe pain, the demon-possessed, those having seizures, and

the paralyzed, and he healed them. 25 Large crowds from Galilee, the

Decapolis, Jerusalem, Judea and the region across the Jordan followed him.

ii. He publically modeled what he did and then to those who he was training, he

clarified in private (Mk 4:10-11).

Mark 9:28-29

28 After Jesus had gone indoors, his disciples asked him privately, "Why couldn't

we drive it out?"

29 He replied, "This kind can come out only by prayer."


iii. In Luke 10 he sends them on short trips and they reported back.

iv. You do it they watch, you do it together, they do it, you watch.

v. Explain why and how you do things, it is practical not theoretical. The teaching

element is mainly when doing the task

vi. QUESTION: What sort of things can you do and how would you feed back

d. Deployed

i. Matt 28 Jesus sent them out with instructions and authority.

ii. Mat 10:4-8 we see very specific instructions.

iii. QUESTION: What specific instructions might you give?

e. Monitored

i. He looked at their heart attitudes, motivations and ambitions.

Matt 20:25-28

25 Jesus called them together and said, "You know that the rulers of the Gentiles

lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. 26 Not so

with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your

servant, 27 and whoever wants to be first must be your slave— 28 just as the Son

of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for


ii. Stressed servanthood and humility.

iii. QUESTION: How would you asses and feedback?

f. Nurtured

i. Thomas and Peter were tenderly nurtured by Jesus after failing. Failing is never

final, just a way of learning.

ii. QUESTION: How can we nurture? (Clue Mt 28:20)

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