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Discipleship - Jeremy Cook


  1. Jesus left a very clear command in Matt 28 to “to go and make disciples of all nations”. It seems in the western church we have failed to do this as evidenced by the huge fall off form church during COVID.

  2. If we look at the life of Jesus he taught many, but he only focussed on the twelve. So often in modern church we have relied on either the culture of the church, and a programmatic approach to discipleship and it has failed.

  3. We also have probably put to much emphasis on behaviour and outcomes Leading to (sin management) rather than inner transformation. Romans 12 tells us that the transformation comes from the renewing of our mind. The need is therefore about who I am/ becoming (identity) rather than what I have or want to become (role).

  4. We need to think again, and we need to be more hands on and more deliberate.

  5. I also think we should to be more extensive in our focus, rather than the more historical evangelical approach of teaching of behaviours. What do I think the main elements should be.

  6. Transparency and accountability – this I think is only overcome by one on one meetings or very small accountability groups.

  7. We are looking for the changed inner man with certain likely outcomes perhaps we might summarise like this;

  8. Loving

  9. Prayerful.

  10. Generous.

  11. Sexually pure.

  12. Biblically literate ( within their context)

  13. Pure of speech.

  14. Servant hearted.

  15. Merciful