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In the Vineyard we are active as the priesthood of all believers (1 Peter 2: 5). You don’t have to be the person on stage to do what Jesus did, everybody is free to do what Jesus did. You might have seen people being prayed for during a church service or on the streets, but not been sure how to pray for someone or if you’re allowed.

The 5-step Healing Model

The 5-step Healing Model is based on Jesus’ model of praying for the sick and is produced to help make ‘hands-on-prayer’ easily accessible for any and all.

We’re going to run through this model and then practice together. (Read through the verses when they appear.)

When praying for someone for healing, the 5-step model is a good place to begin.

Step 1: The Interview

Introduce yourself then ask where does it hurt or what would you like me to pray for?

•Natural level – what can you see?

•Supernatural – ask God for Words of Knowledge, discernment, visions, words.

•It’s not a medical interview or counselling session – get the facts and keep it short.

•Move to the next stage when ready.

Step 2: The Diagnosis

Work out why they have this condition?

•Natural causes – disease, accident.

•Sin – committed by them or against them.

•Emotional hurts causing physical or other pain.

•Relationship problems – lack of forgiveness.

•Supernatural – may be demonic.

•Keep asking for God’s help – it may be useful to pray in tongues.

•Ask them questions if appropriate.

Step 3: Prayer Selection

What kind of prayer shall I pray to help this person?

•Check if it is ok to lay hands on them.

•Ask the Holy Spirit to come and minister to the person ‘ ‘Come, Holy Spirit’.

•Ask for God to heal.

•Keep praying in the Spirit.

•Use a command of faith (Acts 3: 6).

•Pronouncement – of faith (John 4: 50)

•Demonic – rebuke (break their power) bind them (contain) expel (get rid).

Step 4: Prayer engagement

How are you doing?

•Keep your eyes open so you can watch for the effects of what is God is doing – Phenomenological signs (warmth, tingling, shaking).

•Ask questions – find out what God is doing.

•Stop when – they think it’s all over; the Spirit tells you it’s over; you’ve run out of things to pray; or if it’s going nowhere.

•Remove your hands, talk to them to indicate you are stopping.

Step 5: Post prayer direction

What should they do to keep their healing? i.e. ‘Stop sinning’ (John 5: 14)

•Read their Bibles, spend time with God;

•Get involved or keep involved in the local church;

•Check with their doctor – they shouldn’t stop taking any medicines until a healing is confirmed by a doctor!

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