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Kingdom Character



What are the characteristics of someone who successfully cooperates with Christ in the process of discipleship? Although the list is incomplete, there are the following signs of a mature Christian character:

1. A mature Christian is a servant. He does nothing out of a desire for selfish gain, understanding that the characteristic feature of a servant is that he obeys God's will. He doesn't do things for God; but he does things under God. And he expects nothing in return for his service. When people are disappointed (and they certainly will be), God's servant rises up, turns to God, praises Him for His grace, and asks Him for further guidance.

2. A mature Christian confesses his sin to the Lord. As Paul said, “Therefore I myself strive always to have an undefiled conscience before God and men” (Acts 24:16). Repentance requires humility before God and towards brothers and sisters when we have done wrong to them. It also requires knowing how to accept forgiveness when God extends it to us, and this leads to a clear conscience, an appropriate self-image, and humility. As a result, the mature Christian is distinguished by righteousness and behavior that does not allow even a sign of sin.

3. A mature Christian is honest and open in friendship with brothers and sisters. He is able to be sincere with others, sharing what God is doing in his life, not being afraid to admit a mistake or weakness.

4. A mature Christian brings his personal problems to the Lord. Instead of running away from unpleasant situations or personal defeats and weaknesses, he meets them boldly face to face, bringing them before God and asking for His help. Indeed, meeting these difficulties will make it possible to turn them into victory more than once; in all cases, God will use them to further the development of His character.

5. A mature Christian is generous. He is generous with his time and money, because he is a steward and understands that he has nothing, but is responsible to God for the possessions entrusted to him. Thus, he is free to dispose of his resources without worrying about his provision, because he knows that God will provide.

6. A mature Christian teaches others how to live a righteous life. This does not mean that he is a pastor or a Sunday school teacher, but the way he lives and his knowledge of biblical truth convinces others of the gospel. He is always ready to talk about Jesus Christ with others, especially those who are lost.

7. A mature Christian handles his responsibility well in all areas of life. As a father, he successfully takes care of his family. At work, he is reliable, honest and diligent. In the church, his word is solid as a rock, a word in which everyone has confidence.

8. A mature Christian knows how to be obedient. It seems so simple, so obvious, but it's rare among Christians today. Many who want to obey God cannot take direction from the brothers and sisters whom God has placed over them. The mature Christian is not threatened by godly authority because he submits to Christ and is safe under him.

9. A mature Christian knows how to properly treat brothers and sisters. He knows how to encourage and rebuke, how to correct bad deeds, how to build lasting relationships. He is distinguished by a loyal attitude towards brothers and sisters, always wishing them well. His tongue is under control; he is especially careful to avoid slander and gossip. Maintaining the unity of the body of Christ is his highest priority.

10. A mature Christian maintains personal spiritual discipline. He has a regular prayer life, knows the Scriptures, is free to worship God, he has a daily open relationship with the Father in which he submits every area of ​​his life to Him.

One of the best-known secrets of the Christian life is that, with God's help, it is possible to grow up before you grow old. Let us resolve to surrender our lives to the Great Teacher and cooperate fully with him in his work to shape us in the image and likeness of Jesus.

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