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Knowledge or Obedience?

Often Christians living in Western countries assume that if they understand the truth of the Christian life, then it is undoubtedly part of their life. They equate growing in knowledge of God with growing in God's character. But this is an erroneous assumption.

One of the biggest tragedies of Western Christendom is the discrepancy between what Christians believe and how they actually live. The power and authority of the testimony of the kingdom is undermined by Christians who do not live by what they profess.

While we must learn about who God is and how He works, it will not do much good unless it affects our behavior. In this regard, obedience to what God teaches is a fundamental element in the character formation process. In fact, disobedience greatly limits our ability to understand God's word. This was a distinctive feature of Christ when He rebuked the legalists in Luke 11:46, 52: “Woe to you, legalists, that you lay burdens on people that cannot be borne, but you yourself do not touch them with one finger ... Woe to you lawyers that you took the key of understanding: you yourself did not enter, and you hindered those who entered. " There is a grave danger in the separation of faith and behavior: the danger of losing the revelation God has already given us.

When we imitate Christ and choose to live as He is, as much as possible, we grow in His character. The active choice is that we always ask, What would Jesus do? What would Jesus say in this situation? What was Jesus' attitude when faced with this type of person? We remember all the time that Christ is our role model, our ideal, our perfect teacher.

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