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John Wimber (founder of the Vineyard movement) said this… “Our responsibility to the poor was etched into our spirits right from the beginning as the Lord made it a personal issue with us in the Vineyard. It is something that has been entrusted to us, and something we must guard and cherish because it is very very important to him. My advice to you is to use the outpouring of the Spirit in doing good for the poor. Spend the power of God helping the Poor” Across the Vineyard there are so many expressions of how we can do this whether small, big, seen, unseen and everything in-between. No two churches will have identical Compassion Ministries, but each will be tailored to the needs and context of their surroundings, and every individual in the Vineyard will play their part, whether it is as simple as providing clothes, furniture or food to be given away; as small as giving a pair of shoes to a child; as kind as a hot shower and change of clothes for a rough sleeper; as thoughtful as baby equipment for a new baby; or as open-handed as providing beds to a refugee family who have been sleeping on the floor. Each person plays their part and each church meets needs specific to their area. The impact is more than we can imagine! The Vineyard movement is committed to loving our communities and spending the power of God in helping the Poor and those on the margins of society.

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