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Introduction: The scriptures are our plumb line, we want to learn and love the Bible, preach it, teach it and live by it. The easy bits, the tough bits and all the bits in-between; as part of this we aim to always make the plain thing in scripture the main thing. The things that are clear in the scriptures are where we begin – doing what we read Jesus did.

John Wimber:

“I read the book and try to do what it says”.

“There’s only one ministry out there… That’s Jesus’ ministry! The more you simply conform your life to his words and his Works the more effective the ministry around you will become.”

Because we hold the Bible so dearly, it’s important to immerse ourselves in it daily.

Questions for discussion

•How good are we as individuals at spending time in the Bible? Is it a daily (weekly, monthly) habit?

•How do you read the Bible? Do you follow a reading guide, an app or work through a book at a time? Ask people to share their tips and tricks from within the group.

•What do you find easy / hard about reading the Bible? Are there times it’s easier than others, what do we do when we find it hard?

•As a group how can we encourage each other to read the Bible? Share ideas and then decide how you as group can implement these.

Джон Уимбер:

«Я читаю книгу и пытаюсь делать то, что она говорит».

«Там только одно служение… Это служение Иисуса! Чем больше вы просто приспосабливаете свою жизнь к Его словам и Его делам, тем более эффективным будет служение вокруг вас ».

Поскольку мы так бережно относимся к Библии, важно ежедневно погружаться в нее.

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