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The Vineyard Churches of Ukraine.

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

The Vineyard has been church planting in the Ukraine since 2006 It has been a long hard journey, but the spirit of the Ukrainian people is indominable.

Initially we planted:

· 2 churches in the Crimea, one in Simferopol and one in Sevastopol/Lubimovka both of which were annexed in 2014 with the Pastors having to leave quickly. The churches did survive in a reduced form and currently exist on occupied territory. They do loosely relate to the Russian Vineyards, but legally they cannot associate with the Ukraine.

· A Church in Kremenchug which is still going and Pastored by Sasha and Lena.

· A Church in Odessa which closed after a few years, but we have just recently started a small group there with a young couple Katya and Pavel.

· A Church in Kyiv which has had a chequered history with us and is now no longer part of the Vineyard, but out of that we have planted the current Kyiv Vineyard Church called ‘New City’ church pastored by Denys and Olga, helped by Russell and Masha.

More recently:

· In 2021 we planted a church In Lviv lead by Vasiliy.

· In addition to that we have walked along side Jed and Kim Johnson who run a Ministry in Zhytomyr called Wide Awake, rehousing, and rehabilitating older severely disable orphans. It is a beautiful thing to see.

· We also have a small project in Vinnytsia run by Ruslan and Marina

What is happening now as at 8th March 2022.

Well, it is a very fluid situation and changes by the hour.

· Denys