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Pioneering Leadership

Notes for the Kyiv Conference (26th February 2022) from Jeremy Cook

  1. A very warm welcome from the UK. You are very much in our thoughts and prayers as we see the build up of Russian forces. We pray for your safety and wisdom .

  2. I understand this a is a leadership conference and I wanted to give you some outline thoughts on leadership.

  3. There are many different types of leaders from pastoral to administrative, but today I want to talk briefly about pioneering leadership. That is leaders who are able to start new ministries or new churches. Some leaders are very good and maintaining, and some at pioneering.

  4. What do we mean by pioneering, we mean those who have both vision and ability to start new things such as new churches, or new small groups, or children ministry, or poor ministry.

  5. Over many years in the Vineyard we have identified five main characteristics that such leaders have. However before I discuss those I want to say that leadership is a gift from God as expressed in Romans 12:8. If we have that gift then we are told to do it well. Leaders improve with training and practice and feedback.

  6. The five characteristics that we have identified are:

  7. Vision and Calling

  8. Communication

  9. Spiritual and Emotional Capacity

  10. Gathering and Mission

  11. Leadership and Multiplication

  12. Let me give you a brief picture of each one.

  13. Vision and Calling

  14. You have in your mind a clear picture of God the Father, God as Jesus the Son- His work on earth, and God the Holy Spirit who is with us now .

  15. The Vision is the mission of God to demonstrate his love mercy and justice to a lost and broken world.

  16. That mission must include justice and mercy to the rings of humanity.

  17. As we communicate that vision form God then it connects with others who want volunteer and serve that vision.

  18. The vision is given to leaders but belongs to God.