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Vineyard Person


The Vineyard Person is a description that John Wimber used when he wanted to explain some of the important aspects of our DNA and what the Vineyard is about – not so much the movement as a whole, but the local church.

We call this figure the Vineyard Person. This does not mean you as an individual. Nor is it a full statement of what we believe “church” means. The Vineyard Person is a simple reminder of our family history, values and the things that direct us as we move ahead. It is ultimately symbolic of what a Vineyard church is all about.

The Vineyard Person

•The Bible as our foundation and plumb line.

•The Kingdom of God as our theology and activity.

•Worship as our highest priority. •Compassion as an outward expression of our love for Jesus.

•Hospital, Community, Learning Environment, Army as a community of people on a journey, (throughout which we make disciples and equip the saints, as we obey the great commission – Matthew 28: 18-20) •Church Planting as a growing multiplication movement.

•Church Development as we care for and grow existing churches and love the whole Body of Christ.

•Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, he gives us our aim, focus and example.

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