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Introduction: “We in the Vineyard have, from the very outset of our ministry, made worship our highest priority, believing that it is God’s desire that we become, first, worshippers of God.” – John Wimber.

‘I first encountered Vineyard worship in a small group in University. I was completely undone by the intimacy in the worship. It was so simple and so authentic... just a guy on a guitar, singing love songs to Jesus. And yet the Presence of God in the room was thick and nearly tangible. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced. That encounter with Jesus changed everything for me. I was never the same again!’ – Harmony Smith, Senior Pastor of Belfast City Vineyard.

Questions for discussion:

•What was your first experience of Worship in the Vineyard? What did you notice?

•‘ It is worship that causes all else that we do to become an act of worship.’ Why do you think this is? What does it look like, for you, when ‘all else’ becomes an act of worship?

Discussion around Values

Ask people in your group to read out these five values. Then facilitate a discussion using these pointers:

•Do these values help you to understand how we worship in the Vineyard?

•Which values do you think are more obvious and which ones make sense now you’ve heard about them? •What questions do you have about Worship in the Vineyard?


The primary destination for us as we worship. We draw near to God, and He draws near to us. As we encounter his presence in worship, we cultivate a deep connection with him. Intimacy is not a musical style or a tone of voice; it is a posture of our hearts.


As worshipping communities, we extend the welcome of Jesus to people; inviting them to enter into his presence. We are intentional about bringing people with us on a journey of worship by building as many bridges both musically and pastorally. From the style of music, to the songs that we sing, we are creating environments for people to participate in worship.


Our desire is that the songs that we sing would match the lives that we lead. While we value the form that our worship takes, we place an even greater value on the formation of our community. Our gathered times of worship are powerful places of transformation. We enter God’s presence not as we think we should be, but come as we are. And yet, we don’t remain as we are; we are renewed and become increasingly like Jesus.

Kingdom Expectation

In worship we welcome the King and his Kingdom. We cultivate an expectation that God will speak, move, heal, deliver and perform miracles among us as we worship. We experience in part what we will ultimately know in full: our complete restoration in God’s Kingdom.


Passion is the expression of a fire in our hearts for God. As we worship, we not only affirm our love for God, but we learn to love what he loves. We are authentic in our worship, whether we are in a season of joyful celebration or a time of deep sorrow. As worshipping communities, we choose to be present to Jesus and engage with what he is doing in us and in our community.

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