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  • Vineyard Nordic Summer Camp

    A report by Jim Mumper, Sweden Here in the Nordic Vineyard churches (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) we normally have an annual summer camp (with the 2 Covid years being the exception). In the past we have been able to host many Ukrainians at this event as well as others from other nations. To put the summer camp in the words of John Mumford “It’s the best thing going in the Vineyard internationally!” we are usually a bit over 1000 people living in either caravans, tents or hostel rooms spread out over a campground that also has a large dining facility, various meeting rooms and cafes as well as a large conference hall. We also generally have various guest speakers from the Vineyard world that are our guest speakers. This year we had Dave & Colleen Petersen from South Africa, who have frequented us many times, as well as Mike Pilivachi from Soul Survivor as our guests along with Anna Beth Morgan from the US as guest worship leader. We always have translation at these meetings – with all of our main meetings being in English at both the Youth camp and the Adult camp. We were able to also provide translation to Russian in the adult meetings, while the Ukrainian youth were able to handle the English for the most part. Photo: Dave and Colleen Pederson from South Africa We also were able to host about 35 Ukrainians who have been displaced from the war. Other guests included a group from the Vilnius Vineyard in Lithuania. The Ukrainians that were there have mainly been settled in Norway and Sweden, with some in Germany and Lithuania. It really was a fantastic week, as usual, but in particular for our Ukrainian friends who were able to meet and hang out with other Ukrainians in the same situation of being resettled. Probably 65% of them were already Christians while the others were not, but as the Holy Spirit has His way, that stat is rapidly changing and the interactions within this group was so gospel good. Our camp is generally divided into 3 age categories: Children ages 1 to 12, with appropriate divisions within, Youth ages 13 to 20, and then everyone else. This year we were also able to cater to the needs of Ukrainian kids in Ukrainian/Russian. It is hard to sum up what this week meant for these displaced families other than to say that it was truly magical for them. We took 100% of the costs for them to be there, and it was so worth it, especially when we spoke to all of them individually to ask how the week was for them. We have 18 Ukrainians here with us in our church, although only 13 of them were able to attend, but when I asked one of our 15 year old girls how the camp was for her, she just broke out sobbing saying “I don’t want it to end!” She was previously brought up in a secular home, but she was able to experience the love of God in a tangible way and sensed the Holy Spirit moving in her heart. We also baptized 2 Ukrainians at the camp. It was a lot of work to get them all there as well as making sure things moved along well at the camp and when it was over, I felt like I really needed a vacation! Last week in our city, we were able to assist a Ukrainian group that had a week-long day camp for Ukrainian kids which ended last Friday in our church with a concert and a BBQ behind the church building. (Our church building is very central in the city and the back of our church has a grass area that merges into a large park.) All in all there were 125+ Ukrainians that were part of this with about 75 of them being kids. It was such a joy to see them all get together everyday and make new friends with those who can relate to one another. Quite honestly I was shocked at how many Ukrainian kids we have in the city. Our church is well positioned to minister to Ukrainians being that we have several people in the church who can speak Ukrainian, plus the leader for our children’s ministry is herself Ukrainian who is married to a Swede, making it easier for us to be able to host them in our church meetings. Jim Mumper is the pastor of the Norrköping Vineyard, Sweden, and long-term missionary working in Russia and Ukraine.

  • Vineyard Pastors in Ukraine

    Recently I (Russell) had the opportunity to visit some of the church pastors in Ukraine. It was a good time to eat, speak and pray together. Each church has its own unique culture, opportunities and challenges that it is facing. In the following articles I will try to introduce you to those men and women who are working hard to grow and develop healthy Vineyard churches in Ukraine. Please hold them in your prayers as you read. We currently have 3 Vineyard churches in Ukraine; one in Kremenchuk, one in Kyiv and the other in Lviv. There is also a homegroup that is meeting in Odesa and a charity that looks after disabled children and adults in Zhytomyr. It would be great if in the future there will other new churches and charities in these and other regions of Ukraine. Perhaps you could look at the map below and pray for the expansion of God’s kingdom over these cities and regions. Alexander Goncharenko – Pastor of Kremenchuk Vineyard Alexander (Sasha) Goncharenko was born and raised in Kremenchuk. He is the father of 2 daughters, and husband of one wife. He was formerly a photographer and an electronic department salesman. Currently, he is full-time pastor of the church in Kremenchuk. It has not been an easy ride since he became pastor of the church back in 2016. He remembers distinctly how before this he had promised God in prayer that he wanted to serve, and was willing to do the jobs that even others didn’t want to do. Then in 2016 he was asked to take on the role of pastor of the church. It was then that God reminded him of those prayers and promises that he had made. Despite many difficulties and hardships he has faithfully served the church, and continues to do so in these difficult days of war in Ukraine. The best parts of the job for Sasha are seeing people grow in faith and in their giftings. He loves the opportunity to pray for people, and help people to see the gifts they have been given by God. Although Sasha often seems inconspicuous, it is because he is busy serving those members of the church and wider community. The biggest challenges that he sees in the near term are ones that will affect the entire city – a lack of heating. Several Russian missile attacks have left the city’s heating system inoperable, and so it is looking set to be a long, cold winter in Kremenchuk. Another big challenge is the loss of jobs and the increase in internally displaced people. Whilst I was visiting I had chance to see how the church had furnished the local bomb shelter, and also how Sasha was serving the church and the community through support and distributing humanitarian aid, as well as helping elderly members of the community fill in paperwork and applications for support. Sasha’s biggest prayer now is for wisdom, and also for time to enjoy the greatest gift of God, which are his family and relationships that God has given him. There is also a dream of being able to rent a place where the church can meet on a more stable basis. Photo: Vasiliy (left) and Sasha (right) in Kremenchuk Denis and Olya Kondyuk – New City Vineyard Church, Kyiv Denis and Olya are the husband and wife team who lead the New City Vineyard Church in Kyiv. They started the church in 2020 just in time for the start of Covid-19, and are now pastoring the church through the troubles of war. Despite these difficulties they remain optimistic about what God is doing. Denis was born in Vinitsa region of Ukraine, as a student he moved to Kyiv, where he stayed and is currently a lecturer in theology. Olya was born in Kyiv, before moving with her family to Perm, then Mongolia, before returning to Kyiv in 1989. They are both currently working at the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary just outside Kyiv as well as pastoring the New City church. For Denis and Olya it is important that the church has firm Biblical foundations and that it is a place where people are able to think about faith and be ready to think and give rational answers for what they believe. The dream is also for a church that serves those who want to serve the city; that includes volunteers and those want to be involved in changing society. Many people are already serving in many spheres, and Olya highlighted that it would be great if the church could come alongside those people and together find answers to difficult questions. New City church would love to see more professionals involved in church life and able to influence the culture with Godly values. One of the best parts of church life is how people want to stay around at the end of the service and chat further. New City church has offered a place for people to come together and discuss life and its challenges as well as to pray together. Olya mentioned how it is great to worship together with others, especially through song and music. Slowly this aspect of church life is growing. For Denis the chance to work together with others and see how things come together whilst being led by the Holy Spirit. He also valued the way that church was able to demonstrate care for each other. He mentioned how another member of the church, also called Denis, had supported him and his family through these difficult times. At the moment the team is still small, and Denis and Olya feel that this is not the right time to overwhelm people with new projects and tasks. That said, the do have a vision to see the team grow, and see people who are willing to take on some responsibility for leading new initiatives. Part of that dream is to find a space which will allow events to happen, people to gather and think and discuss together. It is particularly a place to bring together both believers and non-believers. Another aim is to allow the stabilization of weekly meetings, and develop an increasing openness to new people. Now seems like a crucial time to take the opportunities that God is providing; particularly to help those who are leading in the church and serving others in the wider community. Serving those who serve is a major part of Denis and Olya’s vocation, whether it be working with volunteers who are delivering humanitarian aid, business people involved in economic spheres, or indeed any leaders who are serving in all areas of society. Denis also recalled the need for much wisdom to find those who are genuinely in need. At this stage of the war people are tired and losing motivation and energy so now is the time to get ready for the long haul. Of course Denis and Olya hope for a quick end to the war, but are also preparing for the fact that it may last for some time to come. Vasiliy Kostetskiy – Lviv Vineyard Church Vasiliy was born in Vinytsa Oblast, but his parents moved to Crimea when he was only 1 year old. It was there, in Simferopol, that he became a Christian. He served in the church as a childrens’ pastor, and recalls the advice that ‘all future pastors should start with children’s ministry’! After the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014 he felt called to move to Lviv in Western Ukraine. This idea to move to Lviv had already been planted in his heart some years earlier while he was studying at the Vineyard Leadership School. He’d had a dream of going to Lviv and starting a church there. Whilst in Kyiv, after receiving this dream, he had an incredible experience of seeing an amazing salvation and radical change in the life of a woman he had prayed for. It was, for Vasiliy, a confirmation that he was making the right decision to go Lviv. One of the highlights of church life for Vasiliy is the missionary journeys; whether it be trips on to the streets to serve food to the homeless, or praying for people to be saved and receive healing, or all of these together. Whereever he is Vasiliy loves serving people through the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and equally enjoys teaching others how to do the same! At the moment, the biggest challenge for the church in Lviv is building a team. Vasiliy dreams of gathering those who share the same values and who are willing to take responsibility for areas of ministry. As part of the compassion work of the church, the Lviv Vineyard has also recently started a charity fund. This charity is particularly focussed on meeting the many needs of those in Ukraine at this time of war. Vasiliy is very open to new partnerships and would love to help facilitate missionary visits to Lviv and further in to Ukraine, to serve those areas which have even greater needs. It should also be mentioned that Vasiliy’s daughter is Katya, who is married to Pavel, and that this family are currently seeking to grow a church community in Odesa. Please also keep them in your prayers.

  • Chernobyl Mission Trip

    by Oles, New City Vineyard Church The trip to Chernobyl was a success. We drove in a group of 9 people in two buses and a car. In the beginning, we had serious difficulties due to the bureaucracy in which the possibility of corruption could be seen. Local officials did not allow us to give food to the organizations that invited us and have shortage in supplies. I haven't been in situations like this for a long time, but it all reminded me of the times of the collapse of the USSR. Unfortunately, it still remains the same in many ways. We realized that we need to find out for ourselves how to help the locals. Some of our group had been to this area before and had the contact of a guide who accompanied tourists in peacetime. In this way we managed to guide ourselves and find someone to go to. We distributed the products to two military units (approximately 30 people each) and also to local civilians - self-displaced people. We just stopped near the houses, where traces of living were noticed. So we found 19 residents and had the opportunity to communicate with those who live there permanently. Most of them were there during the Russian occupation. It was interesting to hear their stories It was an intense time of fellowship, testimony, and prayer. There are plans for the future to continue to help people in those places.

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    Виноградник Кременчук -вклоняємось разом Play Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Worship "We in the Vineyard have made worship our highest priority since the beginning of our ministry, believing that it is God's desire that we become first and foremost worshipers of God." John Wimber Vineyard Worship Songs for the church Icус, Ти в моїм серцi Здесь Твой Дух Будь Благословен Будь Вознесен Be The Centre More than ever Blessed Be Your Name Be Lifted High 00:00 / 01:04 Будь Всем Для Меня Everything 00:00 / 05:28 Lyrics Світлом життя Here I am to worship - Tim Hughes 00:00 / 05:39 Lyrics Великолепный God of all splendor 00:00 / 01:04 Lyrics Вклонимось We fall down 00:00 / 01:04 Лірика Достоин Восхищения Adoration 00:00 / 07:51 Lyrics Ты достоин You are worthy 00:00 / 02:44 Lyrics Желание Desire 00:00 / 05:09 Lyrics Зажги огонь Light the fire again 00:00 / 01:04 Лірика 00:00 / 05:45 Lyrics 00:00 / 04:36 Lyrics 00:00 / 06:19 Lyrics 00:00 / 06:25 Lyrics Иисус, моя страсть - узнать Тебя ближе Above All Else 00:00 / 01:04 Lyrics Иисус, Святый Помазанный Holy and Anointed One 00:00 / 01:04 Lyrics Каждый миг Every Move I Make 00:00 / 05:54 Lyrics Каждый, кто жаждет All who are thirsty 00:00 / 01:04 Лірика Кто как Ты Isn't He 00:00 / 01:04 Lyrics Любовь Твоя Unfailing Love 00:00 / 01:04 Lyrics Мы Все Же Верим We still believe 00:00 / 04:45 Lyrics Навеки Ты Forever You 00:00 / 07:46 Лірика Огонь Любви Fiery Love 00:00 / 05:57 Lyrics Приблизь меня к Себе Draw me close 00:00 / 05:10 Lyrics Приди Come, Now Is The Time 00:00 / 06:25 Lyrics Псалом 12 Psalm 13 00:00 / 07:26 Лірика Пусть Звучит Хвала Bless His Name 00:00 / 01:04 Lyrics Радуются в свете Отца Father of Lights 00:00 / 06:26 Lyrics Руки любви Arms of love 00:00 / 07:26 Lyrics Святый, святый Holy 00:00 / 05:36 Лірика Сердце мое, о, открой, Бог Open The Eyes Of My Heart 00:00 / 01:04 Lyrics Сердце Очищай Refiner’s Fire 00:00 / 01:04 Lyrics Сердце Поклонения The Heart of Worship 00:00 / 01:04 Lyrics Склоняюсь Surrender 00:00 / 01:04 Лірика Смотрю на горы I Lift My Eyes Up 00:00 / 01:04 Lyrics Сойди Опять Fall Afresh 00:00 / 08:43 Lyrics Страху меня научи Fear of The Lord 00:00 / 01:04 Lyrics Твой голос Awesome God 00:00 / 06:10 Лірика Твоя Любовь (Ты Все Видишь) Love Divine 00:00 / 01:04 Lyrics Твоя Любовь Прекрасна Your love is amazing 00:00 / 01:04 Lyrics Ти кожен подих мiй You are the air I breathe 00:00 / 01:04 Lyrics Ты любишь Меня (Бог Сотворивший) Love Me Like You Do 00:00 / 04:05 Лірика Ты Радость Моя You are my joy 00:00 / 05:48 Lyrics Ты Тот Кто Был Your Name is Holy 00:00 / 05:36 Lyrics У Подножья Креста At the Foot of the Cross 00:00 / 05:48 Lyrics Царствуй во мне Lord reign in me 00:00 / 05:48 Лірика Царь Навеки King Forever 00:00 / 07:46 Lyrics Ты людям разнеси Весть African-American spiritual song 00:00 / 06:39 Lyrics Я Пленен Overwhelmed) 00:00 / 07:46 Lyrics Я поклонюсь We fall down 00:00 / 07:20 Лірика Что за Друга мы имеем 00:00 / 04:16 Lyrics Огонь Любви Fiery Love 00:00 / 06:44 Lyrics Только одно звучит во мне Holy (Jesus Culture) 00:00 / 06:29 Lyrics Славь душа O My Soul 00:00 / 07:01 Лірика Алиллуя, Иисус - наш Царь Halleluiah 00:00 / 06:05 Lyrics Жизнь моя пусть будет песней Let my life be like a love song 00:00 / 05:29 Lyrics Всей силой More Love, More Power 00:00 / 10:33 Lyrics Тебе принадлежу I will sing 00:00 / 05:26 Лірика Святый / О, благодать Holy (Isaiah 6) / Amazing Grace - Keith Sadler / John Newton 00:00 / 08:57 Lyrics Ах, в этой бурной жизни 00:00 / 05:10 Lyrics Миллион причин 10 000 Reasons 00:00 / 06:05 Lyrics О, благодать Amazing Grace - John Newton 00:00 / 07:25 Лірика Быть готовым Ready - Danny Daniels 00:00 / 03:53 Lyrics Где бы я был Where Would I Be?' Glenn Kaiser 00:00 / 06:35 Lyrics На Небе мой Отцовский дом 00:00 / 03:00 Lyrics Старый Крест The Old Rugged Cross George Bennard 00:00 / 04:58 Лірика Я пред Тобой Before You Now 00:00 / 07:46 Lyrics Иисус, Ты больше, чем друг More than a friend 00:00 / 04:27 Lyrics Я прощён навеки I have been redeemed 00:00 / 07:46 Lyrics С Днём Рожденья, Иисус Happy Birthday, Jesus 00:00 / 04:56 Лірика Этот поезд Traditional American Gospel Song 00:00 / 04:44 Lyrics Я стучусь в Небесную Дверь Knockin' On Heaven's Door Bob Dylan 00:00 / 05:43 Lyrics На берегу реки Down by the riverside African-American Spiritual 00:00 / 05:33 Lyrics День после ночи 00:00 / 04:02 Лірика Минуя горы и моря I could sing of your love forever - Martin Smith 00:00 / 07:05 Lyrics О, я грешник бедный Oh I am Poor Sinner 00:00 / 02:53 Lyrics Святый, Святый, Агнец Божий Revelation Song 00:00 / 07:09 Lyrics Ты - Удивительный Marvelous 00:00 / 06:25 Лірика Пісні для Церкви Play Video All Videos

  • Сімферополь | Виноградник Україна

    Виноградник Сімферополь Experience Our Community We’re excited you’re thinking of visiting Виноградник Україна and look forward to you coming to worship with us. There’s a lot going on in our busy church and we know it can be tricky to navigate the first time you come here. Feel free to get in touch to find out more and to discover how to make the most of your initial visit for you and your family. We can’t wait to meet you. зв'яжіться з нами Team Who We Are Charlie McMann Position/Role Jordan Parker Position/Role Taylor Quill Position/Role Services What You Need Service Exceeding Expectations Service Satisfaction Guaranteed Service Committed to Quality Service Exceeding Expectations Video Channel Watch Now Search video... All Categories All Categories Morning Rush Rent $2.99 Into the Blue Play Video Beach Patrol Buy $2.99 Add a Testimonial This is your Testimonials section paragraph. Encourage your site visitors to rate and add a testimonial about their experience with your services. Would you recommend us to your friends? Yes No Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Київ | Виноградник Україна

    Vineyard Odessa Join us! At the moment we have one family that gathers as a home group in Odessa. Please contact them to join them! contact us Support Team About us Павло Лазовський Position/Role Катя Костецька Position/Role Children's Team Position/Role Services What You Need Свідчення Ми любимо слухати історії про то, що робить Бог. Просимо використовувати цей розділ, повідомте нам свої новини. contact us Service Exceeding Expectations Service Satisfaction Guaranteed Service Committed to Quality Service Exceeding Expectations Vineyard USA #VineyardGlobalFamily Play Video

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